Brass Stampings

Our Solid Brass stampings which can be soldered, braised, colored, drilled and glued.  Made in the USA from several very old companies using incredible detail and sculptural precision in their molding.  Using vintage tooling, all of our stampings  are 100% solid brass, unplated.  Raw solid brass is essential if you are doing silver-soldering or patinas.  Electro-plated steel pieces just won't work.  So make sure you always look for Solid Brass in the descriptions.  You can look at our Art Pieces to see some of the possibilities that we have been doing for years.  In addition to soldering and coloring the pieces, you can solder or glue stone or crystal settings to create your own incredible pieces.  These solid brass stamping are perfect for you to create your own unique art pieces.  Or, try some of ours.  Put your own chain or leather cording on and make them your own.  Check back often because we are always adding new pieces.  Soon we will be adding how-to videos of some of the processes we use in our own studio to create the wearable art that we have been doing for years.

We have very good and affordable quantity discounts on everything.  Once you add $35 to your cart, Priority shipping is free.  For under $35, standard shipping is $5.

Brass Stampings

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