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Patina Charms

Patina Pendants and Charms

Our patina pendants and charms incorporate a loop or drilled hole for attaching. Charms can also have loops on the back hidden from sight. Our patinas are genuine patinas such as used on bronze sculpture that costs thousands of dollars.  We give you the true beauty of authenticity of genuine patina. Each piece will be similiar to what you see in the pictures but, since each artist has their own style of doing our secret process, there will be slight variations that make our patinas the most sought after internationally. 

These pieces give you the beauty of an Elaine Coyne original with the concept of your ingenuity. You can add anything your dreams muster up: beads, chain, a mix..anything at all..  I love your ability to use us as a starter and you as the developer of a true art piece.  Simply: make it your own.

Multiple ordering of each item will give you great discounts.   $35 to your cart gives you free  Priority USPS shipping..  For under $35, standard shipping is under $5.

Patina Charms